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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

1. With the Full Moon in Aquarius kicking off August, you Taurus, will be urged to take a second look at your hopes and dreams. Maybe there's a unique online platform that allows you to showcase your talents and fulfill your ambitions.

2. The Nodes shifting into Aries and Libra could put your financial situation and partnerships into focus. With living costs going up, rethinking your financial strategy and balancing it with your personal and professional relationships could be key.

3. Pluto squaring the Nodes from Capricorn injects transformative energy into your sector of shared resources and personal values. As the economy changes, you might feel the need to reassess your financial plans and the value you place on material security.

4. The Full Moon in Pisces at the end of the month might reveal hidden feelings about your friendships and social networks. It's a time to confront these emotions and redefine your social goals in the context of today's economic realities.

5. Love could blossom, perhaps with someone who appreciates your steadfastness and practicality, and shares your understanding of the financial dynamics of the current times.

6. The social media monetization trend could provide new income opportunities for you. With your natural talent for creating beautiful and useful things, you might consider starting a blog or video series sharing DIY hacks for a frugal lifestyle.

7. Under Pluto's transformative influence, a shift in your lifestyle is possible. Whether it's adopting more economical habits or creatively maximizing your resources, you can maintain a comfortable lifestyle amidst economic shifts.

8. The double Full Moons this August symbolize endings and beginnings. Your social aspirations and financial strategies may evolve, reflecting the broader societal changes.

9. As the Nodes transition, managing your finances and relationships effectively, especially in light of financial shifts, will be crucial.

10. Pluto's transformative energy might trigger a deep reassessment of your financial security and personal values. It's not just about weathering these changes but growing through them.

11. The Full Moon in Pisces may inspire you to share your unique perspective on managing social relationships and economic shifts. Your voice, whether through writing or video content, can offer valuable guidance to others.

12. Lastly, the Nodes' reset will push you towards introspection. Reflect on your journey through these societal shifts, particularly regarding your financial and social sectors.

With Jupiter currently in Taurus, expansion, growth, and good luck are on your side, Taurus. August brings transformation, growth, and introspection, and your natural practicality and steadfastness make you well-equipped to navigate these changing times.