I Seek


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1. Lunar Inspiration: The full moon in your sign on June 3 will heighten your emotional energy. This could inspire unexpected decisions or revelations, particularly around your personal identity and long-term goals.

2. Passion and Partnership: Mars and Venus transiting through fellow fire sign Leo will intensify passion in your relationships. Expect heated exchanges, deeper connections, and sudden changes in your love life.

3. Career Transformation: Pluto's retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn suggests a significant evolution in your career. This may be a time for reassessment of your career goals and an unexpected change in your professional path could be on the horizon.

4. Communication Flux: The new moon in Gemini on June 17 encourages you to express your thoughts and ideas. This could bring surprising conversations or new insights that change your perspective.

5. Karmic Shifts: The south node transiting Scorpio on June 23, mirroring last October's partial solar eclipse, indicates important karmic shifts. Unresolved matters from the past might re-emerge, demanding resolution.

6. Exploration of the Self: Pluto's retrograde invites deep introspection. This journey into your subconscious could lead to surprising self-discoveries and significant personal growth.

7. Creative Expression: The fire energy of Mars and Venus in Leo will encourage your creative self-expression. This could manifest in an unexpected passion project or artistic endeavor that showcases your unique talents.

8. Spiritual and Philosophical Insight: The full moon in Sagittarius on June 3 will illuminate your ninth house of philosophy and spirituality. Expect a sudden insight or shift in your belief system that could change your outlook on life.

9. Vibrant Social Life: Mars and Venus in Leo will bring vibrancy to your social life. You might meet new people, embark on unexpected adventures, or experience changes within your current friendships.

10. Healthy Changes: The celestial transits this month may prompt unexpected alterations in your health and wellness routine. Look out for opportunities to try new practices that support your physical wellbeing.

11. Increased Passion: The transit of Mars and Venus in Leo might heighten your energy levels and passion for life. Use this dynamic energy to take on projects or activities that you've been considering.

12. Intuitive Understanding: The south node's transit in Scorpio could deepen your intuitive abilities. Trust your gut feelings as they may guide you towards unexpected decisions or changes.

13. Boost in Confidence: The combined fire energy of your sign and the Mars-Venus transit in Leo is likely to boost your confidence. You may feel empowered to take bold actions that you wouldn't normally consider, leading to exciting outcomes.