I Believe


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1. Full Moon Introspection: The full moon in Sagittarius on June 3 might prompt unexpected insights into your philosophies or beliefs. This could manifest as a newfound interest or a shift in perspective.

2. Romantic Surprises: Mars and Venus transiting through Leo can add flair and passion to your relationships. Unexpected romance or deepened connections with loved ones could be a significant part of this month.

3. Career Changes: With Pluto in retrograde through Aquarius and Capricorn, your career path may experience significant transformations. Keep an open mind for unexpected shifts or new opportunities in this realm.

4. Communicative Breakthroughs: The new moon in Gemini on June 17 could lead to new connections and surprising revelations in your communication style and close relationships.

5. Karmic Resolutions: The transit of the south node in fellow water sign Scorpio can bring unresolved issues or karmic debts to the forefront. This might lead to unexpected closures and emotional healing.

6. Creative Inspiration: Mars and Venus transiting Leo could ignite your creative side. Expect a surge of creative ideas and inspiration that could lead to engaging projects.

7. Heightened Intuition: The south node's transit in Scorpio might amplify your already strong intuition. Listen to your gut feelings as they could bring unexpected insights or shifts in your life.

8. Exploration of the Unknown: Pluto's retrograde could push you towards exploring the deeper and perhaps unknown aspects of your life. This could lead to transformative discoveries and personal growth.

9. Unexpected Travel: Mars and Venus transiting Leo might lead to unexpected travel plans or adventurous pursuits. Be ready to embrace these spontaneous moments.

10. Emotional Resurfacing: The South Node in Scorpio could bring up past emotions or issues for resolution. This can lead to healing and growth, allowing for a release of old emotional baggage.

11. Expanding Social Circle: The new moon in Gemini could introduce new faces and exciting changes within your social circle.

12. Deepening Spirituality: The energy of this month could prompt you to deepen your spiritual practices. This might bring unexpected revelations that can shape your spiritual journey.

13. Evolving Self-Perception: With the transits of Mars, Venus, and the south node, your self-perception might undergo a shift. This could involve seeing yourself in a new light and embracing aspects of your personality that you hadn't fully recognized before.