I Believe


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1. Career Shifts: The North Node moving into Aries may herald a significant career shift. You may find new, unexpected opportunities arising at work.

2. Emotional Intensity: Venus going retrograde in Leo may increase your emotional intensity, particularly concerning romantic and financial matters.

3. Unexpected Travel: The energy of Mercury in Leo might lead to unexpected travel opportunities, possibly related to work or personal passions.

4. Reconnections with Past Lovers: Venus retrograde could bring an old love back into your life, stirring up past feelings and memories.

5. Potential Financial Challenges: The economic conditions may lead to unexpected financial challenges, like dealing with increased rent or mortgage payments due to the uncertain interest rates.

6. Public Attention: The Sun's entrance into Leo might bring you into the public eye in some way. This could be due to your work, or perhaps a personal situation becomes more public than you anticipated.

7. Changes in Living Situation: Economic influences might bring changes to your living situation - this could mean a move, a new roommate, or alterations to your current living conditions.

8. Health Consciousness: The energy of the full moon in Capricorn could lead you to become more health-conscious, possibly leading to unexpected changes in diet or exercise routine.

9. Increased Online Presence: Mercury entering Leo might lead to increased activity on the internet - perhaps you start a blog, or your social media presence takes off.

10. Self-Reflection: The new moon in Cancer might bring introspection, leading you to consider your emotional needs and nurturing qualities in new ways.

11. Sudden Insights: Mercury conjunct retrograde Venus in Leo can bring sudden insights about your relationships and finances, perhaps forcing you to rethink your approach to these areas.

12. Dramatic Reveals: With the Leo energy in play, dramatic reveals might be a theme of the month - perhaps in your personal life, or maybe you're captivated by a public scandal or unveiling.

13. Creative Endeavors: The Leo influence may bring a surge of creativity. You might find yourself picking up a new artistic hobby or renewing passion for an old one.