May 2023



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The 8th house. What comes up when this house is discussed in astrology? Sex, death, rebirth and financial matters including taxes. That is a fair start since the 8th house is associated with the planet Pluto and the sign Scorpio. However, this is not the most illuminating of material for awareness to ride the energy of your experience and the descriptions given by many astrologers continue to retain an allure of mystery and dread around the affairs of the 8th house. All houses is astrology are about potentials. Energy potentials that are expressed through the aspects to the natal planets along with any transitory planets passing through the house.

It gets old hearing the same general conversations repeated around the 8th house; how it is about letting go, embracing change and transformations and a general sense of inevitable unknown in looking at the house itself.

A to-the-point understanding of the 8th house here at astrojujuu:

1. Your blind spot – what do you need to be aware of that will be potentially lifechanging for you?

2. Your pocket – what travels with you energetically; is there a hole (unhealed trauma) in your Soul or are you aware of where you are challenged to be whole physically, financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?

3. Your kitchen – what do you cook up to create balance for yourself when there is a revelation in your experience from the effects of Light and Shadow?

Let’s dive in further. The number 8 is associated with a give/return of the energies. A harvest. The upright infinity symbol in its flowing expansion and contraction to the point, in and out. You are the point. The energetic attraction to your choices and co-creations made visible from the invisible.

Your blind spot contains what you cannot see until a shift occurs and the unseen becomes seen. Having a natal planet in the 8th house might indicate the theme to your blind spot. Having a transiting planet to the 8th house of the magnitude of Jupiter, Saturn or Pluto will definitely highlight ANY blind spots and will BE felt. Real life examples can include online theft of ones identity that remained unknown until revealed by a third party as one was attempting to get financing. Or the discovery of a surprising genetic ailment in assumed perfect bodily health. Or a number of names being flagged for controls with certain activities and not realizing that due to a name similarity no fault of your own, one ends up being included on such a list. Or a financial institution with which one retains a mortgage that then undergoes new changes to their financing criteria which requires them to shift their services from those now deemed too risky and the new calculation impacts you. Actions required to proactively negotiate blind spots will be triggered from the effects of Mars and Mercury. So the 8th house will keep it’s secrets until it becomes time to be revealed. This is where a directed effect of your awareness will be required when you see what comes up with transits and eclipses. Eclipses in the 8th house will SUPERCHARGE the Light or Shadow effects. That doesn’t mean to be afraid. Real life examples include a solar eclipse occurring in the 8th house and a latent desire one had always managed with or without becomes an intense relentless passion. For example if one had lived with the feeling of just take what you can get, the burn of a solar eclipse in the 8th house would induce an intensity to suddenly want to get way more out of whatever the burn of the passion was for. A real world example for a latent feeling is constantly wishing to have more money to do things. A supercharged Light effect may inspire one to be a content creator with an unusual niche. A supercharged Shadow effect may inspire one to pursue criminal intentions to meet that need.

Your pocket is where you keep your wallet, money, keys or some other helpful item. Items placed into pockets can be so far out of the mind that one needs to remind themselves of what has been placed there. A common occurrence of washing keys, kleenex or money in the laundry after not remembering to empty one’s pockets is often laughable after the fact. However with other forms of energy it might not be a laughing matter – traumas are holes in the pocket of the Soul and keeping them has no benefits just undesirable consequences. The good news is all holes can be closed. The 8th house is also the astrological pocket for your chart and what goes there travels with you energetically. This is where transits and eclipses to the 8th house can be perceived as challenging. You have the opportunity to close a hole if one existed or unintentionally create one. Either way one is challenged to be whole. It can be as simple as taking a necessary daily time out. If it comes to that, one would have to ignore any judgement if received. No point creating another hole in oneself from anyone choosing to operate from their shadow effect.

Your kitchen is the place where you can chef it up and prepare the simplest of snacks or a four course gourmet real. The kitchen is also the place where one cleans up, if and when they feel like it. The point is the kitchen allows you to create in a way that meets your needs. The 8th house also being the kitchen for your experience is going to capture the unseen effects of Light or Shadow from aspects in your birth chart. With natal planets existing in the 8th, there is a pre-existing theme to your kitchen. Having an empty natal 8th house is a curious blessing. An empty clean kitchen. Watch those transits and eclipses of course!