I Will


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1. Increased Visibility: With Mercury entering your sign, your public and online presence could become more prominent. This might lead to increased recognition, but also a need for discernment regarding the information you share.

2. Unforeseen Financial Changes: The conjunction of Mercury and retrograde Venus in your sign could bring unexpected changes to your financial situation. This could involve investments, inheritances, or fluctuations in income.

3. Old Relationships Resurface: Venus in retrograde often brings past relationships back into our lives. A past friend or lover might reappear, bringing potential for resolution or renewed drama.

4. Career Advancements: The Sun entering your sign can bring energy and vitality to your career. A promotion or exciting new project might be on the horizon.

5. Shift in Living Situation: The uncertain economic environment might prompt a change in your living situation. This could involve moving, renovations, or changes with roommates.

6. Health and Wellness Revelation: The divine timing event indicated by the North node might prompt a renewed focus on your health, potentially leading to a new wellness regime.

7. Unusual Travel Opportunities: Despite the economic situation, unexpected travel opportunities might present themselves, possibly related to work or a spur-of-the-moment vacation.

8. Spiritual Awakening: The North node's movement can trigger a deep introspective journey, leading to a spiritual awakening or change in your beliefs.

9. Increased Creativity: The Sun's movement into your sign could spark a new creative project or hobby, potentially leading to recognition or a potential source of income.

10. Reevaluation of Relationships: With Venus in retrograde in your sign, you might reevaluate your personal relationships, which could lead to strengthened connections or necessary breakups.

11. New Social Circles: The conjunction of Mercury and Venus in your sign can lead to new social connections, providing opportunities for networking and new friendships.

12. Educational Pursuits: The full moon in Capricorn might lead you to pursue further education or skills training, adding to your professional growth.

13. Inflation-Induced Lifestyle Changes: Inflation may prompt you to reassess your budget and make lifestyle changes, potentially leading to more self-sufficiency or cost-cutting measures.