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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

1. The Full Moon in Aquarius as August commences will be pushing you, Leo, to reevaluate your health and work routines. Maybe it's time to tap into the digital world for remote work opportunities or online fitness programs.

2. The Nodes moving into Aries and Libra put your social networks and self-expression in the limelight. With the cost of living on an upward swing, brainstorming financial strategies with friends or expressing your money management skills creatively could prove beneficial.

3. Pluto, squaring the Nodes, brings intense transformational energy to your social and spiritual sectors. In the face of economic turbulence, you might find yourself redefining your values and reassessing your financial security.

4. As the month concludes with a Full Moon in Pisces, it might expose unexpressed feelings related to your belief system and personal philosophies. It's a time to confront these feelings and affirm your truth.

5. In the domain of love, a romance with someone who can match your charismatic energy and understand the financial realities of the time might spring up.

6. The world of social media presents unexpected avenues for income. Your natural flair for drama and creativity can easily be turned into a revenue stream. How about starting a vlog showcasing your creative strategies for enjoying life amidst economic shifts?

7. Pluto's transformative power could prompt a lifestyle change. It could be a move towards a more budget-friendly lifestyle, allowing you to maintain your royal disposition without breaking the bank.

8. August's double Full Moon signals both endings and beginnings. You might find your approach to work routines and belief systems evolving, reflecting the larger societal changes.

9. As the Nodes transition, balancing your social circles with personal creative expression, particularly in the face of financial realities, becomes key.

10. Pluto's transformative influence might provoke a redefinition of your values and understanding of financial stability. It's not just about enduring changes, but also about adapting and growing through them.

11. The Full Moon in Pisces could ignite your creativity, inspiring you to share your unique approach to navigating financial uncertainties. Be it through blogging or social media content, your voice can provide guidance and inspiration to others.

12. Finally, the Nodes' reset pushes you into a period of introspection. Reflect on your journey through these societal shifts, particularly regarding your financial and social sectors.

August for Leo brings transformation, growth, and introspection. With your natural creativity and charisma, you have what it takes to navigate these changes with grace and flair.