July 2023



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The month starts with a full moon on Monday July 03 at 11°Capricorn 18". 1118 is a number that can be read as a triple effect of 1 on the number of abundance which is 8. 1118 adds to the master number 11. Something in the natal house where this full moon occurs comes to completion with a harvest of the results for the next stage.

On July 12 Mercury enters Leo. The internet could be especially lit up with sensational dramatic economic or influencer news so discernment may be required. A possible flare up, including major solar activity impacting communications, could happen.

Tuesday July 18 brings a new moon at 24°Cancer 55" followed the next day on Wednesday July 18 with the North node moving into Aries and exactly crossing 29°Aries 50", the degree of the important new moon solar eclipse of April 20. The movement of the north node to the eclipse degree portends the occurrence of another divine timing event. Divine timings are about growth and change; whether this is seen as positive or negative is personal and depends on what is presented.

By Sunday July 23 the Sun officially enters Leo. That same day Venus will station retrograde at 28° Leo 36". Venus being in retrograde for the summer season has a potent significance here on the intensity of passions felt around situations of love and/or money.

Mercury will cross the degree of the new moon this month on July 09 and will also conjunct the retrograde Venus in Leo on July 27 and July 28. The importance here with Mercury is that it will announce the news of a sensitive change coming up for July 18 and then herald in a dynamic message that will impact love and monetary situations by July 27/28.

With that, let's spill the "tea" so to speak, on a few stories that could bring these transits to life for you dear reader and show how the energy of the stars do have an intimate impact on the feelings and actions taken. Choosing with wisdom, when possible, is always the best course of action.

Gen Z Under Pressure

Tom a 20-something, whose family took refuge in Canada, works the night shift at a bustling mall, cleaning up after the masses. He's also a part-time student, burdened by the growing pile of his student loans. As he works under the bright lights of the mall, he can't help but look up at the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3, 2023, and contemplate his debt and his future.

He’s yearning for a change, and with the North node moving into Aries, he feels the effect as a sudden surge of personal motivation. He begins to seek out new ways to increase his income, looking for opportunities beyond his current job.

The day Mercury enters Leo, July 12, Tom is faced with a difficult decision. The news is moving with stories around an upcoming economic shift. While the uncertainty is daunting, he knows he must take steps to better his situation.

The New Moon on July 18 at 24°Cancer 55" stirs in Tom a desire for financial stability. The week that the North Node crosses 29°Aries 50" a divine timing event aligns into Tom's life, and he's offered a job that would pay him cash under the table – thereby allowing him to work during the day and focus more on his studies at night. He realizes that it is not a perfect situation but he is feeling the fire of the Leo effect and is willing to take a measured risk to establish some foothold on his challenging living situation.

As the Sun officially enters Leo on July 23, Tom embraces his new job with enthusiasm. The same day, Venus stations retrograde at 28° Leo 36", stirring up old feelings for the suffering his family has lived dampening his enthusiasm. He struggles in his mind not to compare himself to other well off Gen Z’s living it up on social media or question why life has been harsh and unfair. He recognizes that he is feeling his passion which while not all butterflies and roses he will have to channel constructively in order to remain focused on his studies and earn enough money to better his circumstances.

By the end of the month, Tom finds himself adjusting to his new routine. He has started working out at a local park to destress from the pressures he is feeling and decides to capture his new immigrant experience on social media to communicate in new ways with others. Mercury's conjunction with retrograde Venus in Leo from July 27-28 influences his interactions, helping him to focus on fostering understanding and better communication. Despite the economic uncertainty that pervades his life, Tom ends the month feeling hopeful and focused on his future.

Perky Customer Service Rep

Molly, a 20-something customer service representative, starts her day like any other - with a strong coffee and a quick peek at her horoscope. It's July 03, 2023, the Full Moon in Capricorn. Molly can't help but think about how the moon's phase could influence her day, especially when she's faced with escalating customer complaints that require her Capricorn-imbued patience and problem-solving skills.

Her job requires her to be a mediator, a counselor, and at times, a friend. As the internet goes into overdrive with Mercury entering Leo on July 12, the influx of calls becomes nearly overwhelming. The sensational, dramatic news on the internet spills over to her work. In the wake of these rapid changes, Molly leans on her discernment skills to navigate this challenging period.

As the days go on, the new moon of July 18, at 24°Cancer 55", seems to bring a calmness to her work environment. But this calmness is short-lived as Mercury announces in advance news of a sensitive change coming. Soon, a change in her company's policy leads to an influx of customer complaints. But Molly, channeling the Cancer energy of the new moon, responds with empathy and understanding, soothing disgruntled customers and resolving issues.

By July 23, when the Sun officially enters Leo, Molly is no longer just a customer service rep - she's a beacon of calm in the storm, a lifeline for confused and frustrated customers. The same day, Venus stations retrograde at 28° Leo 36", bringing with it intense passion and changes in her personal life. She meets someone, and the intensity of their connection mirrors the Leo-driven passion of the stars.

As the month ends, Mercury's conjunction with retrograde Venus in Leo on July 27 and 28 brings a message of love and connection that enhances her relationship and spills over to her interactions at work. Despite the economic uncertainty that affects her customers and her own financial situation, Molly finds satisfaction and passion in her work and personal life.

Social Media Influencer

Nina, a popular instagram and tik tok influencer in her 30s, has a busy month ahead as July starts with a Full Moon in Capricorn. She's always been adept at engaging her followers, but the dramatic news cycle sparked by Mercury entering Leo on July 12 draws unprecedented attention to her online platforms.

In the week leading up to the New Moon at 24°Cancer 55" on July 18, Nina uses her platform to highlight the economic uncertainty and advocate for financial literacy, earning her both praise and backlash.

The next day, as the North Node moves into Aries and crosses the eclipse degree, she takes a bold step by announcing a collaboration with a controversial figure, creating a storm of reactions online. Yet, she sticks to her decision, using the uproar as an opportunity for dialogue and discussion.

When the Sun officially enters Leo on July 23, Nina reveals a more personal side of her life, sharing her journey with self-love and acceptance as Venus stations retrograde. Her vulnerability resonates with many of her followers, leading to an outpouring of support and shared stories.

By July 27 and 28, with Mercury conjuncting retrograde Venus in Leo, Nina uses the dynamic energy to host a series of live chats and Q&A sessions, solidifying her connection with her audience. Despite the turbulence of the month, she stands firm, using her influence for positive change amid the uncertainty.

Passionate Realtor

Lily, a spirited late-twenties real estate agent, is living in a world of contrasts. A Cancer by birth, she yearns for stability, a longing that her career refuses to satisfy. The Full Moon on July 3, 2023, in the ambitious Capricorn only serves to underline the irony.

When Mercury makes its foray into Leo on July 12, social media becomes a theater of other agents' triumphs. The glamourized victories add a layer of pressure to her ongoing high-stakes negotiation. It's a make-or-break deal that, despite her best efforts, crumbles by July 19th, right when the North node moves into Aries.

With the Sun marching into Leo on July 23, Lily's professional turmoil ratchets up another notch. House showings become a stage for her to channel Leo's charisma and passion. But the day has another surprise up its sleeve: Venus stations retrograde, bringing an old flame back into her life, and a colleague's intriguing proposal further complicates the scene.

Her ex, thriving in his own career, becomes a mirror to her struggles. His success throws her perceived failures into stark relief, making her question her worth. On the other hand, her successful colleague presents an enticing proposition - not just a potential relationship, but a shot at financial success. Now, Lily finds herself at a crossroads, torn between proving herself to her ex, succumbing to her colleague's offer, or standing alone in her struggle.

The retrograde Venus conjuncting with Mercury on July 27 and 28 deepens the emotional turmoil. She's up for a big deal - but with Venus in retrograde, nothing is certain. This professional high-stakes situation mingles with her personal dilemmas, casting long shadows over her as July ends.

Left in the throes of this cosmic battle, Lily wrestles with the question: What's more important? Is it reclaiming the old romance, merging the personal with the professional, or betting on herself in the hope of finding her own path? As the month draws to a close, she finds herself in a game of cosmic roulette, anxiously waiting for the wheel to stop spinning.

Patient Personal Support staff

Maria, in her early 40s, has dedicated two decades of her life to elderly care. The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3, 2023, starts the month on a reflective note for Maria. As a Virgo, she often ponders the fragility of life and the dignity in aging.

Mercury entering Leo on July 12, aligning with renewed news coverage on the long term care profession, brings a rare limelight to her line of work. She's suddenly inundated with requests from people wanting to learn about her job, and despite the chaos, Maria feels hopeful.

The New Moon on July 18 brings an unexpected change when one of her long-term care clients passes away. As the North Node moves into Aries the next day, crossing the significant eclipse degree, she takes a step back to reassess her professional commitment and life goals.

As the Sun enters Leo on July 23, Maria, fueled by the passionate energy, takes on the role of an advocate, educating people about elderly care and the often-unrecognized dedication it demands. Simultaneously, as Venus stations retrograde, she reconnects with an old flame, sparking a renewed zest for her personal life and a realization that she too must also enjoy life while being alive.

By the time Mercury conjuncts with retrograde Venus in Leo on July 27-28, Maria has taken significant strides in advocating for her profession. Her rekindled romance brings back an excitement to her life that she had thought was lost. The month, despite its challenges, concludes on a high note.

Seasoned Financial Advisor

Carl, a financial advisor in his mid-50s, navigates the challenges of July 2023 with the precision of a seasoned professional. The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3 brings a flurry of worried clients, and Carl, being a steadfast Taurus, soothes their fears with logical explanations and sound advice.

Mercury's entry into Leo on July 12 amplifies the economic drama unfolding online, making Carl's job even more challenging. However, his calm demeanor and decades of experience reassure his clients during these uncertain times.

The New Moon on July 18 in Cancer brings a wave of nostalgia, making him reflect on his long career. The next day, as the North Node moves into Aries and crosses the eclipse degree, Carl makes a significant decision about his future.

The Sun's entry into Leo on July 23 along with Venus' retrograde sparks a renewed passion for his work and his long-term relationship. Despite the financial turmoil, Carl stays focused, helping his clients navigate the storm while nurturing the romance in his personal life.

By July 27 and 28, when Mercury conjuncts retrograde Venus in Leo, Carl feels rejuvenated, handling both his professional and personal life with renewed zeal. He closes the month with a sense of satisfaction, embracing the challenges as opportunities for growth.

Dedicated Social Worker

Stephen, a dedicated social worker in his 60s, steps into July 2023 with the Full Moon in Capricorn illuminating his philanthropic spirit. As a Scorpio, he’s aware of the darker side of life and dedicates his time to serve others.

Mercury entering Leo on July 12 amplifies the need for social services as economic challenges unfold. However, he remains undeterred and continues his work with more vigor.

The New Moon on July 18 triggers a sensitive issue in his community. The next day, the North Node's move into Aries coincides with him successfully rallying local authorities to address this problem.

The Sun's entry into Leo and Venus stationing retrograde on July 23 triggers a much-needed introspection. He takes some time off to rest and reflect on his long, rewarding career.

As Mercury conjuncts retrograde Venus in Leo by July 27-28, he receives an acknowledgment for his efforts from the community. Despite the emotional toll, Stephen closes the month on a positive note, content in the knowledge that his hard work has brought about a meaningful change.

Saavy Real Estate Developer

The dawning of July 2023 finds Lucas, a shrewd real estate developer well into his 40s, threading a path of cautious optimism and meticulous planning. His discerning approach to the volatile industry has consistently placed him in high esteem among his professional circles, a factor that becomes vital as they together navigate this unsettled economic expanse. The full moon, aglow in steadfast Capricorn on July 3, exposes the grim reality of their portfolio, casting stark light on several assets that have dipped under the weight of the turbulent economy.

This unsettling revelation coincides with an economic climate strained by climbing interest rates and unyielding inflation, both gnawing away at consumer spending power and escalating the costs of living. Lucas, with a nuanced understanding of the property market, recognizes the intimate ties his industry has with these global conditions, a connection brought into sharp focus as Mercury, the celestial communicator and trader, transitions into charismatic Leo on July 12.

This astrological movement amplifies Lucas's inherent ability to articulate complex scenarios, a talent he swiftly utilizes to communicate his growing apprehension about the property market's direction to his stakeholders. These conversations, an integral part of the daily grind in the real estate world, serve as platforms for shared insights, unified strategies, and collective resilience.

As the New Moon softly lights up protective Cancer on July 18, Lucas and his team, profoundly aware of the persistent challenges, unanimously decide to delay the inception of new ventures. Their energies are instead refocused on the revaluation and repositioning of existing assets to ensure a steady cash flow, a vital lifeline in these tumultuous times.

This pivot involves a productive alliance with progressive marketing firms and seasoned consultants. Together, they concoct a robust strategy to rejuvenate the image of their properties, casting a net wide and appealing to pull in a fresh stream of tenants and investors capable of seeing potential amidst economic chaos.

While Lucas deftly handles these professional challenges, his personal life begins to ripple with a complexity of its own. As the Sun blazes a path into Leo and Venus stations retrograde on July 23, he experiences a potent strain between his professional commitments and the personal commitments that require his time, love and care.

This internal balancing act reaches a tipping point as Mercury converges with retrograde Venus in the dramatic sign of Leo between July 27 and July 28. This celestial combination ushers in a crucial juncture for Lucas and his team - the unveiling of their rebranded properties. The initial hesitation gradually gives way to a tide of positive response, marking the first rays of hope in the gloomy economic horizon.

As July 2023 draws to a close, the path Lucas took filled with strategic maneuvers and adaptations seems to have yielded results. Yet, the unfolding narrative offers no conclusion, only a series of chapters that reflect the property industry's inherent volatility. As he navigates the intertwining complexities of his professional and personal life, Lucas is left contemplating under the heated passion of retrograde Venus in Leo, the intensity of what it takes to consistently deliver a winning hand professionally and the toll it can take on a person. He thinks of taking a vacation to rejuvenate himself and hopes he will be able to do it without thinking about work.

Millennial Financial Advisor

Rachel, an ambitious financial advisor, steps into July 2023 with a sense of impending challenge. The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3 prompts her to reassess her clients' portfolios, detecting a pattern of underperforming assets that could be hurt by the unsettled economy.

When Mercury enters Leo on July 12, her communication skills are ignited. She expertly navigates conversations with anxious clients, explaining the implications of interest rate increases and inflation, while promising to reevaluate their financial strategies.

The New Moon on July 18 signals an opportunity to revise her clients' investment plans. Rachel advises her clients to diversify their portfolios, shifting away from volatile markets towards more stable assets.

When the Sun enters Leo and Venus stations retrograde on July 23, Rachel finds herself at odds with her personal relationships due to her relentless focus on work. She's challenged to maintain a balance between her professional commitment and personal life.

As Mercury conjuncts retrograde Venus in Leo on July 27-28, Rachel implements the new strategies, which yield positive feedback from her clients. Despite the uncertainty and economic turmoil, Rachel closes July on a hopeful note, providing robust financial advice while learning to balance her personal and professional life.

Realtor in Reflection

As the events of July 2023 unfurl, Rebecca, a vivacious Gemini real estate agent with a solid reputation, finds herself grappling with the shift in her professional terrain and personal reflections. Her everyday brims with challenges and victories, revealing the stark contrast between her outward charm and her inner tumult. Her profession demands that she keep her dazzling charm and charisma intact, yet the undercurrents of an unstable real estate market stir turmoil beneath her carefully cultivated exterior.

On the advent of the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3, a competitive edge is drawn out from within her. An unexpected deal falls through around the New Moon on July 18, a day before the North Node moves into Aries. The challenge of this setback is heightened by the environment of uncertainty, with homes lingering on the market for longer durations. These situations become a catalyst for Rebecca, pushing her to consider new strategies with social media and approach her work with renewed vigour.

Despite the strained professional environment Rebecca has always been one to secure victories, her unique blend of charisma and business acumen serving her well. The shift of the North Node into Aries drives her to quickly rebound from the setback and refocus on her professional targets. Her resilience coupled with her sense of drive, keeps her from staying down for too long.

Her professional victories align with the transit of the Sun to fiery Leo on July 23. A successful property deal lands at her feet that week, validating her unyielding tenacity and professional skill. Yet, this achievement triggers an unforeseen introspection within her, stoked by the retrograding Venus occurring near the anaretic 29th degree.

Venus the cosmic symbol of love and values, has been silently working on her psyche, pushing her to explore beyond her familiar territory of maintaining outward success by any means necessary. This celestial prod doesn't go unnoticed. Rebecca begins to examine her personal relationships more deeply, especially the complex web she's woven with the men in her life. It’s a delicate balancing act she's performed, with her reasons for keeping these men in her orbit, each offering different aspects of what she values and needs.

She starts to question whether her flirtations and non-committal liaisons, fueled by her Gemini nature, might be sending mixed messages into the Universe, causing an energetic dissonance manifesting into the inconsistent outcomes and setbacks she has seen show up in her life.

Venus's retrograde effect has begun to cause her to mature her relationship to her own energy. She wonders if the energy she has put out has affected the up and down experience of her professional and personal life and she introspects on how to be in clarity with her own personal energy choices. She no longer enjoys the rollercoaster of the experience and wants to enjoy a steady flow without the constant hustle. Needing to self validate with the men in her orbit is something she realizes she will need to let go off. Venus retrograde causes her to see that her energy is not just for show as a persona and to attend to each of her personal experiences with a consistency that will return nurturing to her financially and romantically without creating new drama. She realizes it will be a different kind of summer for her and she embraces this.

Diligent IT Specialist

Ben, a diligent IT specialist in his 30s, confronts July 2023 with a mix of anticipation and apprehension. When the Full Moon in Capricorn illuminates the sky on July 3, he finds himself unexpectedly thrust into a leadership role, coordinating his company's response to a severe cybersecurity breach.

Mercury's entrance into Leo on July 12 enhances Ben's communication skills, a boon as he tries to assuage clients' fears while explaining the extent of the cyber attack to his superiors. Ben struggles to maintain morale among his team, particularly as rumors of potential layoffs circulate.

On July 18, the New Moon coincides with a breakthrough: they've identified the source of the breach. However, knowing doesn't mean it's an immediate fix, and Ben feels the weight of the company's expectations. The situation becomes more fraught as some colleagues lose their jobs due to the economic fallout of the breach.

As the Sun enters Leo and Venus goes retrograde on July 23, Ben's personal life provides little respite from work stress. His romantic relationships feel the strain of long hours and constant worry, and he questions if he's sacrificing too much for his career.

By July 27-28, as Mercury conjuncts retrograde Venus in Leo, Ben and his team finally manage to resolve the cybersecurity issue. Despite the victory, it's a bittersweet one, shadowed by the loss of colleagues and personal sacrifices. July 2023 for Ben ends up a harsh lesson in the realities of the IT world: victories are hard-won, and sometimes, they come with a heavy price.

OnlyFans Content Creator

Tara, an ambitious OnlyFans content creator seeking success on the platform, found herself shaken by the full moon in Capricorn in early July 2023. She realized that the effects of economic instability were not just headline news. The gradual dip in her earnings and her subscribers' growing worries suggested a storm was brewing.

On July 12, Mercury entered Leo, and Tara decided to use her platform to open up about her anxieties. Her screen shone bright as she spoke about the economy, her fears, and the high rent that was eating into her income. The support and empathy from her subscribers were overwhelming, but they did not solve the problem.

As the new moon cast its glow on July 18, Tara was approached by a friend, an optimistic realtor who suggested she should consider selling real estate as a backup plan. Tara laughed off the suggestion. Selling real estate was for people whose dreams had been crushed, she had always thought.

On July 23, as the Sun officially entered Leo, and Venus stationed retrograde, Tara's professional life seemed to mirror her personal life - uncertain, solitary, and in need of a significant change. The idea of a romantic relationship seemed too much of a luxury amidst all this.

However, as Mercury conjuncted retrograde Venus in Leo on July 27-28, an idea began to form in Tara's mind. She realized she could use her influence on social media to break into the real estate market, turning what she initially perceived as a defeat into a potentially thriving new venture. She started by sharing her thoughts with her followers, talking about how she was considering this backup plan.

Tara began to explore the role of a social media consultant. She realized she could advise realtors on how to better connect with a younger audience, or perhaps, use her own platform to promote real estate ventures. The transition wasn't easy, and there were many days when Tara questioned her decision. But she held on, driven by a newfound hope.

By the end of July 2023, Tara's life had taken a different turn. She was still an OnlyFans content creator, but now she was also a budding real estate influencer and a social media consultant for realtors. Her journey had taught her that success can take various shapes, and sometimes, the path to it is one you least expect.

The Waiting Game in Love and Memes

In the early days of July 2023, as the full moon in Capricorn bathed the world in its silvery light, Rachel, a die-hard romantic, found herself in a place that could only be described as 'emotional purgatory'. Armed with meme artillery and tongue-in-cheek humor, she took to Instagram to navigate the murky waters of unrequited love.

"Who said Mondays were boring?" Rachel's first Instagram story of the month was captioned with a shot of the full moon, followed by a meme that read, "Waiting for my love life to kick off like waiting for the weekend on a Monday." Her followers erupted in laughter emojis, completely unaware of the deeper truth it concealed.

As Mercury sashayed into Leo on July 12, Rachel's posts took a dramatic turn. Her stories were filled with influencer news and dramatic revelations, including her own. "When your crush has the emotional availability of a brick wall," read one post. "Ah, the joys of unrequited love," another sarcastic story quipped, giving her followers an indirect glimpse of her current heart status.

The arrival of Venus in retrograde on July 23, known for stirring the love pot, sent Rachel into a meme frenzy. "Retrograde, schmetrograde!" she posted, featuring an image of a woman lounging nonchalantly amidst a tornado. "Ain't nobody got time for that!" her post read, throwing caution to the wind with a healthy dose of humor.

As Mercury and Venus rendezvoused in Leo, her posts took on a new tone. "When you realize your love life could use some Mercury-Venus magic," she captioned a post, featuring herself holding a magic wand with a hopeful gleam in her eyes. Rachel's posts were always a hit, but this one blew up, with followers rallying behind her with supportive comments and heart emojis.

Throughout July, Rachel's social media antics, though filled with humor, did a beautiful job of encapsulating the spectrum of her emotions: the heartache, the longing, the relentless hope, and the resilience of a heart that refused to give up.

On July 31, she ended the month with a bang, posting an instagram picture of herself holding a glass of wine with the caption, "Here's to surviving Venus retrograde and to love finding us all. Cheers!" The post was flooded with likes and comments. People were rooting for her; they wanted to see her find love. But only one 'like' mattered to Rachel, and she waited patiently, hopefully, for it to appear from him.

Finding more Hop than hip

In the high-speed world of hip-hop and rap, maintaining relevance is an art in itself, as 35-year-old Jay Dizz knows only too well. With his lyrical genius and charismatic performances, he's managed to hold on to the coveted number 1 spot in the charts. But as the old adage goes, staying at the top is even harder than getting there. He’s starting to feel the heat as Gen Z’s musical taste evolves at breakneck speed, and his golden Midas touch seems to wane.

July 2023 is a crucible for Jay Dizz. The month starts with the Full Moon in Capricorn, a sobering reminder of the hard work and determination required to maintain his status. That doesn't scare him; he's seen the grittier side of the industry. But as Mercury enters Leo mid-July, the internet seems to light up with new, young artists. Their energy is electrifying, their music innovative, reflecting the pulsating, dramatic vibes of Leo.

He starts questioning his relevance, his music. Is he too old school? Would his art survive this generational shift? Jay Dizz finds himself scrolling through social media feeds, haunted by the specter of obsolescence.

On July 18, the New Moon brings another wave of change. The North Node’s move into Aries the next day sets off a chain of events that seem divinely timed. Jay Dizz is offered a unique opportunity to collaborate with a rising Gen Z rapper, a chance to blend his rich old-school rhymes with this new wave's dynamic beats.

Yet, as the Sun enters Leo and Venus stations retrograde, he feels a simmering tension. Venus in retrograde is notorious for stirring passions and affecting relationships, professional or otherwise. While the collaboration could be his ticket to continued relevance, creative differences begin to surface. The young rapper's style is radically different from his, leading to heated studio sessions and tense meetings.

His team, his fans, the music community – everyone watches closely as the retrograde Venus seems to spark more fires. A barbed comment during an interview goes viral, adding fuel to the growing fire. Jay Dizz finds his reputation and status at risk.

But Venus in retrograde isn't just about conflict. It's a time for reassessing values, desires, and artistic directions. As Mercury conjuncts the retrograde Venus in Leo at the end of July, Jay Dizz receives an unexpected revelation. The tension, the strife, they were all part of the process, the cycle of creation and evolution. He begins to embrace the changes, allowing the creative friction to shape his music rather than resist it.

Despite the economic uncertainty and societal pressures, Jay Dizz starts to reinvent himself and his music. The blending of his profound lyrics with fresh beats creates a new sound that neither alienates his existing fanbase nor ignores the younger generation. As he steps into this new phase of his career, he's reminded why he loves this game. After all, hip-hop has always been about evolution, resilience, and authenticity. As July ends, Jay Dizz stands at the threshold of a new era, his music echoing the journey he’s embarked on.

The transits of July 2023 prove challenging for Jay Dizz, but they also provide opportunities for growth and transformation. It's a rollercoaster ride for him, but one that leads to exciting new horizons in his musical journey.

The Ascended Master and the Misfits

July 2023 began with a full moon in Capricorn and an unusual gathering of souls convened under its soft glow. The Ascended Master, often referred to as Adama, had taken under his wing a band of misfits. Each one unique, their struggles were numerous, ranging from financial difficulties to body image issues and health concerns. However, their hearts were pure, and they held a shared desire to contribute positively to the world.

In the light of the full moon, Adama found himself questioning his commitment. He was an Ascended Master, a spiritual being of immense wisdom and knowledge. Yet, he was struggling to guide this group of misfits, unsure if his efforts would bear any fruit.

When Mercury entered Leo on July 12, Adama noticed a sharp increase in global turmoil, particularly in the economic sector. His misfits, already grappling with their personal issues, were further disheartened. The internet, their usual source of solace and connection, was aflame with dire predictions and discouraging news. The weight of their worldly struggles was threatening to overshadow their spiritual journey.

As Mercury crossed the degree of the new moon on July 9, Adama felt a shift. He realized that these struggles were not merely obstacles but also potential tools for spiritual growth. A deeper understanding could be achieved not in spite of these challenges, but through them. However, convincing the misfits of this was a challenge in itself.

The new moon at 24° Cancer 55" on July 18 brought a glimmer of hope. One of his followers, a young woman struggling with body image, made a breakthrough. Inspired by the Moon in her home sign of Cancer, she started to appreciate her body as the vessel of her soul, not just an object of societal judgment.

The following day, as the North Node moved into Aries and crossed 29°Aries 50", Adama felt a renewed sense of purpose.

By July 23 the Sun had officially entered Leo and the misfits were beginning to harness the transformative power of their struggles. A man battling health issues had found peace in making conscious changes to live with compassion instead of trying to see problems in the world that he had thought needed his fixing; another crippled by financial debt had started counseling others on how to be conscious with money by using his failures as an example and yet another had come to an inner understanding of the importance of taking care of herself mentally and not letting others live rent free in her head with irritation at their perceived grievances. As Venus stationed retrograde intensifying the passions around the group, they individually used their personal emotional turmoils experienced to rejuvenate their commitment to living life fearlessly.

When Mercury conjuncted retrograde Venus in Leo on July 27-28, Adama felt a surge of pride. His misfits, despite their worldly challenges, were evolving. They were using their personal struggles as tools for spiritual growth, thus becoming beacons of hope for others facing similar issues.

By the end of July 2023, Adama had his answer. He knew why he should bother - because these misfits, with all their problems and imperfections, were changing not just their lives but also the lives of those around them. Their journey was a testament to the human spirit's resilience and the transformative power of struggle. As an Ascended Master, Adama realized he was not just a guide, but also a witness to this remarkable transformation.