I Think


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1. Full Moon Revelations: The full moon in Sagittarius on June 3rd could bring about unexpected philosophical insights or a desire for adventurous experiences that challenge your current mindset.

2. Unexpected Conversations: The new moon in your sign on June 17th could lead to unexpected, yet vital, conversations. You may find yourself speaking your truth or revealing something you've kept hidden.

3. Deep Transformations: Pluto's retrograde transit in fellow air sign Aquarius might prompt a deep transformation in your thinking and how you communicate with the world. You may find your beliefs and ideas undergoing a serious evolution.

4. Romantic Excitement: Mars and Venus transiting through Leo can bring about an unexpected, yet exciting, romantic situation. Your relationships may become more passionate and dynamic during this period.

5. Past Lessons: The South Node's transit in Scorpio on June 23, echoing the October 2022 eclipse, could bring about an unexpected resolution to a past situation. This will help you learn and grow from past experiences.

6. Career Shifts: The influence of Pluto's retrograde may manifest in unexpected shifts in your professional life. This could be a career change, or a shift in how you approach your current job.

7. Emotional Intelligence: Mars and Venus transiting Leo will boost your emotional intelligence, helping you better navigate unexpected emotional shifts in yourself and others.

8. Introspective Focus: With Pluto in Aquarius, you might experience a surprising shift towards introspection, leading to a better understanding of your deeper desires and motivations.

9. Unexpected Social Changes: New friendships and social opportunities could present themselves, as the new moon in your sign encourages you to connect with others and express yourself.

10. Sudden Ideas: The influence of Pluto in Aquarius could spark sudden, transformational ideas. These could be insights that alter your course of action or your perspective on a situation.

11. New Creative Interests: The transit of Mars and Venus through Leo could bring about a sudden interest in a creative project or hobby.

12. Deepened Understanding: The South Node's transit in Scorpio could enhance your understanding of complex emotional matters. This could lead to more compassion and empathy in your interactions.

13. Authentic Expression: The Pluto retrograde through Aquarius may encourage you to express your individuality in unexpected ways. This could be a period of personal revolution where you embrace your unique qualities more openly.