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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

1. With the Full Moon in Aquarius initiating August, you, Gemini, might feel called to reconsider your shared resources and intimacy. Could there be innovative online platforms that help manage these aspects of your life more efficiently?

2. The Nodes' move into Aries and Libra may spotlight your home and career sectors. Amidst soaring living costs, finding creative ways to harmonize your professional aspirations and domestic responsibilities might be essential.

3. Pluto's square with the Nodes from Capricorn can infuse transformative energy into your identity and self-perception. As the economic landscape changes, reassessing your self-image and how you project it to the world may become necessary.

4. The Full Moon in Pisces at the end of the month might unearth hidden feelings about your social networks and friendships. Now is the time to confront these emotions and redefine your social goals, keeping in mind the current economic realities.

5. A new romance could be on the horizon, potentially with someone who appreciates your quick wit and versatility, and also understands the financial dynamics of the times we live in.

6. The current trend of monetizing via social media might present new income possibilities. Your knack for communication and information exchange could translate into a successful podcast or a captivating blog, both drawing a wide audience and potential earnings.

7. Under Pluto's transformative influence, a change in your lifestyle could be on the cards. Whether that means adopting more frugal habits or finding creative ways to manage your resources, you can maintain a satisfying lifestyle amidst economic shifts.

8. The two Full Moons this August symbolize both endings and beginnings. You may find your relationships and self-perception evolving, mirroring broader societal changes.

9. With the Nodes transitioning, finding a balance between your domestic life and career, especially in light of financial shifts, becomes a key theme.

10. Pluto's transformative energy might trigger a deep reassessment of your identity and self-presentation. It's about adapting to and growing through these changes, not just surviving them.

11. The Full Moon in Pisces might inspire you to share your unique perspective on managing social relationships amidst economic shifts. Your words, whether through writing or speaking, can offer valuable insights to others.

12. Lastly, the Nodes' reset urges introspection. Reflect on your journey through these societal changes, particularly regarding your home, career, and social sectors.

August for Gemini promises transformation, growth, and self-discovery. With your natural adaptability and curiosity, you're well-equipped to navigate these changing times.