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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

1. With the Full Moon in Aquarius kicking off August, you, Capricorn, are being encouraged to delve into relationship dynamics. Perhaps an online partnership or a digital collaboration could be on the horizon for you.

2. The Nodes' shift into Aries and Libra illuminates your subconscious and daily routines. As the cost of living escalates, you might be prompted to reassess your budget and daily spending habits.

3. Pluto, squaring the Nodes from your sign, injects transformative energy into your identity and personal goals. You may find yourself confronting your approach to financial security and redefining what stability means to you in the face of an ever-changing economy.

4. The Full Moon in Pisces at the end of the month may illuminate any hidden feelings related to your career and public standing. Remember, it's okay to have doubts and question the path you're on - it's part of your journey of growth.

5. The romantic landscape could be unexpectedly thriving, perhaps with someone who understands and respects your ambition and practical approach to life’s uncertainties.

6. Unconventional methods of income generation are on the rise. Your disciplined and practical nature could find a profitable niche in the digital world. Consider utilizing your skills and expertise to create a course or consultation service online.

7. Under Pluto's influence, you might experience a shift in your lifestyle. While economic changes might prompt a more minimalist or economical way of living, this could also be an opportunity for you to showcase your talent for making the most out of the resources at hand.

8. August's double Full Moon symbolizes both endings and beginnings. You might find your approach to partnerships and career ambitions transforming, in tandem with larger societal changes.

9. As the Nodes transition, your subconscious and daily routines come into focus. Balancing personal growth and daily responsibilities, especially in the face of financial realities, might become a central theme.

10. Pluto's transformative energy at work in your sign might provoke a profound shift in how you define your identity and personal goals. This time is not just about enduring the changes but about growing and redefining yourself through them.

11. The Full Moon in Pisces could stir your innate sense of leadership, inspiring you to share your experiences of navigating career challenges and economic shifts. Whether through a blog or social media, your voice can provide guidance to others.

12. Lastly, the Nodes' reset may prompt you into deep introspection. Reflect on your personal evolution amidst these societal shifts, especially in your financial and career sectors.

August for Capricorn is a month of introspection, transformation, and growth. Embrace your natural discipline and practicality, and you can navigate the rapidly changing landscape with grace and resilience.