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Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is known for being emotional, sensitive, and nurturing. They are deeply connected to their family and home and often prioritize these aspects of their lives above all else. In 2023, Cancer may find themselves focusing even more on their personal relationships and their home life.

On Friday May 5 2023, a lunar eclipse will occur at 14 minutes and 58 degrees of the zodiac sign Scorpio. On May 19 2023, a new moon will occur at 28 minutes and 25 degrees of the zodiac sign Taurus. The next day on May 20 2023, Mars at 0 degrees of the fixed sign Leo will be opposite Pluto retrograde at 0 degrees of the fixed sign Aquarius. The opposition will make a t-square to Jupiter at 1 degree of the fixed sign Taurus. Potentials flowing strongly in May 2023 for Cancer could include:

1. Emotional transformation: The lunar eclipse in Scorpio may encourage Cancer to confront deep emotions and hidden feelings, leading to significant personal growth and healing.

2. Home and family focus: The new moon in Taurus could bring new opportunities and positive changes related to Cancer's home life and family relationships, fostering a sense of stability and comfort.

3. Assertiveness in relationships: The Mars-Pluto opposition may prompt Cancer to assert their needs and desires more openly in relationships, leading to increased understanding and balance.

4. Expanding career horizons: The T-square involving Jupiter could present Cancer with opportunities to explore new career paths or to take on additional responsibilities at work.

5. Emotional resilience: The astrological occurrences may help Cancer develop greater emotional resilience, allowing them to better navigate challenging situations and respond to stressors more effectively.

6. Creative expression: Cancer may feel inspired to express their emotions and experiences through creative outlets, such as writing, painting, or music.

7. Financial growth: The new moon in Taurus may bring positive financial opportunities for Cancer, leading to increased financial security and abundance.

8. Personal development: The astrological aspects may encourage Cancer to seek personal growth through self-reflection, therapy, or engaging in self-help activities.

9. Strengthening bonds: The planetary influences may help Cancer strengthen their connections with friends and loved ones, leading to increased trust and support.

10. Spiritual exploration: Cancer may be drawn to explore their spirituality during this time, seeking a deeper understanding of their life purpose and connection to the universe.