I Feel


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1. Emotional Expansion: The full moon in Sagittarius on June 3 will heighten your emotional awareness. Sagittarius' expansive energy might inspire you to broaden your emotional horizons and explore your feelings in new ways.

2. Relationship Dynamics: The transit of Mars and Venus through Leo may encourage Cancerians to be more assertive and playful in their relationships. You might find yourself taking the lead and making unexpected changes in how you relate to others.

3. Career Shifts: Pluto's retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn could signify changes in your career or professional aspirations. Be open to exploring new opportunities that challenge the status quo.

4. Communicative Connections: The new moon in Gemini on June 17 will invite you to express your feelings and thoughts more openly. This may bring unexpected changes in your communication style and help you foster deeper connections with others.

5. Financial Reassessments: The transit south node crossing Scorpio's degree on June 23 echoes last year's partial solar eclipse. It might be a time of reassessing shared resources and financial partnerships, possibly leading to significant shifts in your financial landscape.

6. Emotional Insight: Pluto's retrograde motion is a time of deep personal reflection. This phase can encourage you to delve deeper into your emotional realm and understand the root of your feelings, leading to powerful transformation and growth.

7. Self-expression: Mars and Venus transiting through Leo will inspire you to express yourself more boldly. This transit might prompt you to reveal parts of yourself that you often keep hidden, leading to surprising self-discoveries and changes.

8. Learning and Discovery: The Sagittarius full moon's energy will encourage you to explore new knowledge areas. You might find yourself drawn to unexpected subjects or interests.

9. Health and Wellness: This month, you might feel motivated to make unexpected changes in your lifestyle, particularly related to your physical health and well-being. This could involve trying new fitness regimes or changing dietary habits.

10. Creative Boost: The energy from Mars and Venus in Leo could spark a surge of creativity. This month could bring unexpected projects or hobbies that allow you to express your artistic side.

11. Intuition: The transit of the south node in Scorpio might amplify your intuitive abilities. You could find yourself experiencing powerful insights or psychic flashes that bring unexpected changes to your life.

12. Friendships: The communicative energy from the Gemini new moon may lead to unexpected changes in your social circles. You could find new friendships blossoming or old ones transforming.

13. Spiritual Exploration: With Pluto in retrograde and the impact of the transit south node, you might feel drawn to deeper spiritual exploration. This could lead to unexpected shifts in your personal beliefs and spiritual practices.