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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

1. As the Full Moon in Aquarius dawns in August, you, dear Cancer, might find yourself craving knowledge and expansion. A world full of digital opportunities awaits your exploration. Consider embarking on a new learning journey or exploiting an online niche that has sparked your curiosity.

2. The Nodes transitioning into Aries and Libra spotlight your home and work dynamics. Given the escalating costs of living, there could be some smart decisions ahead regarding housing - perhaps it's the right time to negotiate that lease or explore alternatives that match your budget.

3. Pluto, squaring the Nodes, brings an intense focus on your personal resources. As the economy ebbs and flows, you might find yourself rethinking your value system and resource allocation. Risky financial decisions may present themselves - consider wisely before diving in.

4. As the Full Moon in Pisces rounds off the month, expect a dive into your emotional depths, especially around career aspirations and societal expectations. Embrace this introspective time, but remember, it's your path to carve out, not society's.

5. Romance might unexpectedly brighten your doorstep, perhaps with someone who appreciates a unique approach to nesting instincts.

6. The digital world brims with unconventional ways to earn money. You might find a niche that perfectly blends your nurturing nature with an innovative income stream. A home décor vlog or cooking blog, maybe?

7. With Pluto's transformative power in play, you could feel the pull towards a lifestyle adjustment. Adapting to the current economic climate might mean embracing minimalism or more economical living - but remember, frugal doesn't mean uninviting. Use your Cancerian creativity to make a cozy, efficient haven.

8. August’s double Full Moon carries the symbolic message of endings and beginnings. You might see your approach to learning and financial stability transform, as observed from the societal shifts occurring.

9. As the Nodes transition, the challenge of balancing work and home life takes center stage. The task of reconciling personal ambitions and financial realities isn't easy, but you have the resilience and determination, Cancer, to make it work.

10. With Pluto's transformative energy at work, you may find a more profound understanding of your value system and resource management. You're not just weathering the financial uncertainties, but preparing to grow through them.

11. The Full Moon in Pisces might inspire a burst of creativity, leading you to develop content that resonates with others navigating the same economic landscape. Your unique voice and experiences can provide comfort and guidance.

12. Finally, the Nodes' reset is set to push you into deep introspection. Amid all the external shifts, take this time to reflect on your role and reactions to these collective changes, especially regarding your career and finances.

August for Cancer is a time of learning, adapting, and deep introspection. With the world shifting rapidly around you, harness your natural resilience, creativity, and intuitive understanding to navigate through these transformations.