I Am


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1. A Sudden Windfall: The Venus retrograde in Leo could bring a sudden influx of money your way, perhaps through an unexpected source or a past investment that's suddenly paid off. Use this windfall wisely, as the economic climate could still be unpredictable.

2. Unanticipated Love: During the summer of romance, you may find yourself swept off your feet by a passionate, fiery Leo who is just as intense and passionate as you. However, keep in mind Venus's retrograde and proceed with caution.

3. Change in Career: The Mercury-Venus conjunction could bring about a major change in your career, possibly linked to your creative pursuits or leadership roles. This may initially unsettle you, but ultimately, it could prove beneficial.

4. Unexpected Trip: You might find yourself embarking on an impromptu adventure or vacation, possibly tied to a love interest or a career opportunity. Make sure to have a flexible plan in place due to the uncertain economic environment.

5. Reconnection with an Old Flame: Venus retrograde is notorious for bringing past relationships back into the limelight. An old flame could reappear, making you question your current relationships and choices.

6. Homeownership: As interest rates and rental costs rise, you might decide it's finally time to become a homeowner. Navigating this new terrain could be challenging but ultimately rewarding.

7. Strained Relationships: The intensity of Venus retrograde could strain your relationships, particularly with Leos. It's a time for patience, understanding, and forgiveness.

8. Increased Public Presence: The Mercury-Leo combination might amplify your voice or public presence, particularly if you work in the public eye or on social media. This could come with new opportunities, but also new challenges.

9. Health Awakening: With all the shifts happening, you might experience a renewed focus on your health, leading to unexpected lifestyle changes such as a new diet or exercise routine.

10. Hobby Turns Into Income: A hobby or passion project could suddenly turn into a viable source of income, perhaps due to the recognition you receive during Mercury's transit through Leo.

11. Spiritual Enlightenment: The divine timing event and movement of the North node could trigger a period of spiritual growth and enlightenment for you, leading to changes in your worldview and life philosophy.

12. Reassessment of Finances: Given the economic climate, you might find yourself reevaluating your spending habits, savings, and financial goals. This could lead to substantial positive changes in the long run.

13. New Friends: The summer might bring new and influential people into your life, creating opportunities for fresh perspectives and exciting adventures. These relationships could have a significant impact on your future.